Use under the veterinarian’s advice

Scientifically Tested by Farmina Vet Research

Promotes the slowdown of renal pathology

Reduced protein levels, exclusively from
eggs and hydrolyzed animal protein,
contribute to limiting the deposit of
nitrogen catabolites.

Reduced levels of sodium help in
preventing hypertension. Reduced levels
of phosphorus contribute to managing 
secondary hyperparathyroidism.

Omega-3 fatty acids have an
antiinflammatory action and support in
maintaining adequate renal perfusion.

High quality ingredients and exclusive
formula to help contrast the pathology-induced anorexia

Farmina Vet Life Renal, Cat

Hyper Premium Quality, complete dietetic food for dogs for the support of renal function in case of chronic renal insufficiency or temporary renal insufficiency.

Farmina Vet Life is a revolutionary veterinary line created with scientific technologies. Its formulas are created by Farmina Vet Research – a first-class team of professionals in the field of veterinary medicine and nutrition. The general formula, in collaboration with the Department of Animal Nutrition of the University of Naples, is the result of a long and detailed scientific study.


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0.085 KG


Wet Food

საკვების ტიპი

Veterinarian Diet



COMPOSITION: chicken fillet, sweet potato, hydrolysed fish protein, fish oil, chicken liver, fish (sardine), chicken fat, quinoa seed extracted, eggs liquid yolk, calcium carbonate, pea fibre, fructo-oligosaccharides, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, psyllium husks and seeds, calcium sulphate dihydrate, Yucca
schidigera, dried brewers’ yeast, glucosamine. Protein sources: chicken fillet, hydrolysed fish protein, chicken liver, fish, eggs liquid yolk.

ADDITIVES PER KG: Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 4300IU; Vitamin D3 170IU; Vitamin E 160mg; Zinc (Zinc chelate of hydroxy analogue of methionine): 37.3mg; Manganese (Manganese chelate of hydroxy analogue of methionine): 18.7mg; Iron [Iron(II) chelate of glycine hydrate]: 3.3mg; Copper (Copper chelate of hydroxy analogue of methionine): 3.1mg; Iodine (Calcium iodate anhydrous): 0.46mg; Taurine 1250mg. Technological additives: potassium citrate 2500mg.

ANALYTICAL COMPOUNDS: crude protein 7.30%; crude fat 7.00%; crude fibres 0.20%; crude ash 2.20%; moisture 74.50%; Calcium 0.23%; Phosphorus 0.11%; Sodium 0.16%; Potassium 0.20%; Omega-3 fatty acids 0.15%; Omega-6 fatty acids 1.00%; EPA 0.05%; DHA 0.06%.

ENERGY VALUE: EM Kcal/Kg 1202 – Mj/Kg 5,03




it is recommended that advice from a veterinarian be sought before use and before extending the period of use. Recommended length of time: initially up to 6 months for chronic renal insufficiency or support of heart function in the case of chronic cardiac insufficiency; 2-4 weeks for temporary renal insufficiency. Serve the product as it is, following the daily quantity indicated in the table. The daily quantity shown on the attached schedule is merely indicative and they require to be adjusted in order to achieve the right body weight. The daily quantity can change according to breed, environment, physical exercise, temperament, and body condition. The ration can be divided into two daily meals or more. It is recommended to mix initially this product with the previously used diet. Water should be available at all times.