Bringing a puppy home: Path and first days

Many veterinarians recommend adopting a dog at the age of 8 weeks, as, until then, the puppy should not be separated from its mother.

There are important considerations to be aware of before visiting the puppy’s home to ensure the well-being of both the puppy and ourselves.

Indeed, our new puppy friend is quite similar to a newborn baby. Naturally, the preferred method for bringing a dog home is by car. However, due to the puppy’s baby-like vulnerability, it is advisable to prioritize their safety during transportation.

The initial consideration is that a dog-sized container provides an optimal solution for safe travel. This container confines the puppy to a snug space, facilitating its first journey. Importantly, it allows the puppy to observe the surroundings while ensuring its safety.

Many containers feature large openings at the top, enabling you to soothe your puppy if it becomes anxious. A dog container proves useful not only for the initial journey but also for subsequent trips, including plane or train journeys in the future.

First Days With Your New Pup

The first day with your puppy is incredibly exciting, but it’s crucial not to overwhelm him. If you don’t have other dogs, allow your puppy to familiarize himself with the house. Introduce the collar early on, sit on the floor with the puppy, and simply observe as he explores. Ensure the environment is safe and non-hazardous for him.

Begin using your puppy’s name to acclimate him to the sound of your voice. It’s crucial to establish a designated spot for toileting from the very first day. Take him to this spot every half hour and use consistent phrases to encourage the behavior. When the puppy successfully follows through, reward him with treats and affection. Since it’s unsafe for the puppy to go outside until completing combined vaccinations and rabies vaccination, consider using a disposable or waterproof, washable diaper to acclimate him to the concept.

During the initial days, providing a comfortable and cozy space for the puppy is crucial. Veterinarians recommend using the same container or bag used to bring the puppy home as an ideal spot. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure the puppy is securely contained within the container when you are out of sight, promoting both comfort and safety.

Once the puppy is acclimated to the house, consider finding a new bed or house for him. For feeding guidance, consult a nutritionist who can recommend a suitable diet and determine the appropriate number of daily servings based on your puppy’s individual needs. Precise feeding during puppyhood is crucial, so having a scale can be a valuable tool. If you’re planning to get a dog soon, it’s a good time to start your first shopping at Remember, owning a dog comes with significant responsibility, but the love our four-legged friends provide in return makes it all worthwhile.

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