M-PETS POO BAMBOO Waste Bag Dispenser with natural Vegetable Base waste bags

  • Bamboo Biodegradable Waste Bag dispenser with natural Vegetable Base waste bags
  • ECO-friendly Bamboo Dispenser: 5.5 x 4.1 x 8.2 cm
  • 15 bags/roll, 1 roll per dispenser
  • Waste bags: 22 x32 cm
  • thickness: 15 mics

Including Dog bone shape dispenser

TAKE WITH YOU ANYWHERE YOU GO: Secure the dog poop bag dispenser to your backpack, purse, baby stroller, suitcase, or the headrest in your car for hiking, camping, travelling so the waste bags are always within easy reach. The dispenser can also be attached to any style of dog leash.
The Poo waste bag is sustainable, innovative plant-based to help reduce the overall environmental impact on the earth.


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