6 pcs: double-sided pin brush, double comb, nail clipper, rubber brush, flea comb, tick tweezers

ABS, TPR, Stainless Steel, Silk, Hard Wood

  • M-PETS pet grooming set kit should be a must for all the pets family, dogs, cats and rabbits; including 6 kinds of different brushes and combs, which is sufficient to fulfil the daily care for pet hair loss.
  • Keep your pet healthy and clean. Each dogs and cats should groom the shedding hair every day, clean up dandruff and dust, then to stimulate the metabolism and improve the resistance to illness, enhance the pet hair gloss; while keeping the Indoor hygiene at the same time, especially in the season of hair loosing.
  • Portable and durable. All the pieces were packaged in one box, super portable to use at any time, for bathing, for playing, travelling, etc.


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