M-PETS ECO COMPACT Training Pads 60 x 60 cm – 50 pcs

  • 60 x 60 cm – 50 pcs
  • Compressed: 30% Space saving
  • Using 2nd life plastic
  • Leak Proof
  • Fast drying
  • Dermatologically tested


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Brand: M-PETS
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M-PETS ECO Compact training pad is the perfect solution for efficient space storage in the home. Thanks to smart manufacturing processes, the pads are automatically gently pressed before being placed inside the packaging bags. Achieving a 30% space saving compared to traditional training pads.
This helps improve space optimization, efficiency and cost reduction throughout the customer journey.
Reduced environmental impact is driven not only by space savings, but also by the use of certified recycled materials for both the pads and the bag.
Consumers and the climate will benefit from products that improve space efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and use recycled materials having a positive environmental impact.