M-PETS BLOOM BALL – Mixed color

M-PETS BLOOM balls made with E-TPU technology. E-TPU technology is developed in conjunction with the ADIDAS Innovation Team (AIT) and German chemists BASF. 

  • Diameter: 7 cm
  •  Super response: the bounce rate could be up to 63%.
  • Low density: 100-200kg/m3.
  • High elasticity and softness even at low temperature.
  • Very low abrasion resistance
  • High bending resistance
  • Eco-friendly material : All raw materials and processes are 100% environment-friendly.


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Chew , Interactive



Unlike other traditional dog throwing balls, BLOOM dog balls are non-toxic, made of food-grade, durable material that won’t break no matter how hard your dog throws them. The balls will last for any length of time for your dog’s powerful jaws. Dog chew toy balls are durable yet very lightweight, highly elastic that could even be floated on water and easily cleaned.